J. Malvo is from South Louisiana and is one of the members of Philadelphia Music Group (PMG). Although he is a valued member of PMG, J. Malvo is also an accomplished solo artist. A multi-talented rapper whose originality, passion for the salvation of souls and the uplifting of the gospel sets him apart from other performers of his time. He became a local favorite, performing at different events and talent shows throughout the region performing his first single “But God”. This single also gave birth to a clothing line that he and his wife Iola manages named, “But God, The Movement”.


     J. Malvo’s career rocketed on January 27, 2017, when he got the call inviting him to sign with Philadelphia Records. There he teamed up with a variety of gifted producers and performers to perfect the single “180 Pivot”, which would become his first major-label debut and his second big single. With his laid back lyrical flow, gospel infused, Christ centered lyrics and banging beats, J. Malvo has become a force to be reckoned with in the gospel hip-hop scene.


     With these current successes in tow, J. Malvo can now add the word, “innovator” to his skillset as he enters into a new genre in rap called “Woke Music”. Woke Music is music that delves into some of the most controversial topics of the day, but from a biblical perspective. His latest offering “Never Went” which is scheduled to be released on January 1,2019 is his first release in that genre. This song was inspired by a sermon series that his pastor and Philadelphia Records founder Pastor Omar Thibeaux taught concerning the false use of science and the secular world’s continual mis-education of the masses. This song serves as an indictment that what is taught in our schools as facts are nothing more than lies and false reasonings. While presenting smoking gun, first person confessions of the people that have been gatekeepers to these falsehoods. The artist quotes, “Rap has a powerful influence to the public. I want to present music that is clear to express the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also depict biblical principles that will encourage, convict and cause people to want to glorify God!”


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