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God Alone - AVoice Ft. Chancey Noel



At a very young age, the Lord placed the gift of singing in Chancey. She loved singing alone and never  the one to be in the front of a group of people. Family gatherings, weddings, or funerals was the limit she placed on singing opportunities. However, being in a room, music blaring, and singing as if nobody else was present was her comfort zone.


As a child, she struggled with being accepted or being good enough for particular positions. She remembers the affects of the amount of time her dad spent working once she hit high school. At the time, her understanding of him being provider was not clear. All she knew was that dad was not at the volleyball games or award ceremonies. This made her feel that he was not interested which was far from the truth. "See the devil starts on our mind at a very young age so that by the time we are adults there is a mental bondage that hinders our progress forward."


Without realizing it, these feelings were carried over into every relationship, job position, and any opportunity that was given to her. She did not know the potential God placed in her. She looked at gifts the Lord placed in her siblings and overlooked her very own. She struggled with this battle for many years. Chancey wore a smile on the outside while deep inside  her soul was crying out. She looked for love in all the wrong places. She ran the rat race of drinking and clubbing. She was looking to be loved and to belong. She remembers questioning of God even existed because of the pain she felt inside.


Chancey remembers God reaching his hand to her. He pulled her out the mud. He showed her His truth and exposed the lies that the enemy  had been telling her for majority of her life. Once she received the truth, that was when her life truly started. She cried out to him on her bedroom floor and released everything that was keeping her bound. A true surrender moment and the end of the rule of her issues in life and Christ began to reign.


Chancey received the free gift of salvation in 2009. The Lord promoted her as Ministry Co-Leader of the Philadelphia Christian Worship Team. She is currently a leader within the Twelve Ministry of Philadelphia Christian Church where she disciples women and help point them closer to Christ. Her favorite scriptures are Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 23, Is 43:19; 1 Peter 5:10, John 14:6; and Hebrews 11:1.


"The Lord allowed me to go through the wilderness to build my faith in Him. I am His!"





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